How did you get your ex boyfriend back? Or guys what can a girl do to get you back?

Tell me your stories, for girls especially if he dumped you.

Thank you


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  • I wanted an ex back so I used No Contact. After a few months they contacted me and the first time they called..I didn't answer and then when they texted or called I would give very vague "short answers" as a way to indicate that I am not interested. I don't know what it is, but men love what they can't have. The only problem is that they can make a habit out of breaking up in cycles, which is what's happening to me right now. Not sure If I am going to want him back. I think after the 2nd chance that's it for me. so this process worked for me, but it does not mean they won't pull this crap on you again.. Hope this helps :) I also did a lot of research online and YouTube, there is some awesome relationship advice out there.

  • im wondering the same thing :/


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