Does my ex-girlfriend want me back?! Check the signs.

My ex-girlfriend dumped me about three months ago. We were together for two years and she literally did EVERYTHING to get me before that. She chased me for almost a year and was SO CRAZY for me! Finally I started dating her and we really had so great times, lots of fun together, unique moments, everything seemed right and I know she truly loved me, she wanted to have kids with me etc etc, and she said she won't never ever want this to end. I loved her too (and still love... eventough I'm trying to move on already).

I became too needy, jealous and clingy in the last few months, my behavior changed totally and that was the reason for the breakup. Shame on me.

Now after three months:

I wanted to meet and she accepted it. We had a lot fun and laughing, and she suggested us to be friends. She said "it would be a shame to throw our great history away, and it would be great to stay in touch."

We are texting and e-mailing almost every day, in friendly manner.

She is very curious, asking about my life and dating status. She became very jealous when I mentioned there isn't anything serious going on... she started to ask so many questions and went just crazy! She even started to give some sexual flirt over the sms... and she said "I bet you are dating many girls again, but perhaps no-one will be so great than me, muahahaha"


- she suggested us to be friends

- she said our history is so great

- she wants to keep the communication lines open

- she is curious and jealous, asking about my dating all the time

- And she also mentioned that she has been dating a guy for two weeks now, even flaunts how nice and hot he is.

Are these signs she wants me back and is regretting the break up?

I'm already moving on, still I wanna see if there's a chance for us. What should I do to get her back? Should I ignore her for a few days...?
+ she texts me every day, how can this be possible if her new guy is so great? ;)
+ in one e-mail, she said that she doesn't want to start things again, at least not yet, not for long time. and that was before she met this new guy.


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  • All I know is the more you chase them they take you for granted and run in the opposite direction. Just let it go. Don't give her so much of your time. Don't be so available for her.

  • Ask her straight out! You have nothing to lose.. I also broke up with my ex 3 months ago, I love him and I really miss him. But I am afraid to go back. I would give anything for him to text me :( go for it!

    • Thanks for the answer! In fact, when we met, I asked that does she still have feelings... she tried to convince that no, she doesn't have any feelings left and she doesn't love me. Perhaps she is afraid to say it and buries those feelings.. I don't know.. I am so confused...still she acts so jealous and wants to communicate etc..

    • I try and bury my feelings too. I'm too stubborn, I hate it! Next time you speak, ask her one more time if she wants to work on it. If she hestitates or has doubts, just walk away. I text my ex and asked if he wanted to work on it ( 3 months after the split ) . He had doubts, so I just said forget it. Maybe I shouldn't have . But I was a good girlfriend and I didn't think I needed to change the way I am to get back into the relationship. I think I was thinking too much on the Goodtimes instead

    • Of the reason I left to begin with..

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