Girlfriend wants to run away?

We have been together since senior year so that makes it 7 years. I know she isn't happy at home in fact she never comes home from college and ignores calls from her family. Every time they come over to check on her (we share an apartment) she sneaks through the back door. She hates them. They would make fun of her and never supported her. Her family thinks her entire friends are crack heads (which they aren't and are way over protective. I haven't met them because she said it would only make things worse at home because her dads a cop. She spends holidays with my family. Lately she's been talking about going on a road trip.Saying we can make our own lliving and get away from this hell hole. I love her to death but how can I at least make her reconnect with her family? I've been trying to convince her this isn't a good idea but she says she needs to get away soon. Her family doesn't know who I am and they wouldn't approve anyway because of my race. Talking to them would be a challenge.


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  • tell her to tell her parents that they can't control her life anymore. she doesn't live at home and that if they don't like the choices she makes then that's their problem but that they should accept her for who she is, flaws and all

  • You can't MAKE her reconnect with her family. You can encourage it- gently- but don't press her about it. She feels that way for a reason, and even if you don't understand or approve, those are her feelings (and they are valid) and that is her family. If she doesn't want anything to do with them, there is probably a very good reason and it's not up to you to fix the situation. I get that you probably want her to have a whole and happy family, but she can make her own choices. If she's old enough to live with you, she's old enough to know what's best for her. Maybe there will be a reconciliation with them one day, but it has to be something she wants and something they want. I think your heart is in the right place, but it's really not about *your* preference.


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