relationship or friends?

SO CONFUSED...this giy and I have been seeing each other since Jan off and on. He has been divorced about 4 years and has a crazy ex. She rules his life, as they have 2 children together and he has to jump through her hoops to see them. We are in a sexual relationship that he has requested to be exclusive. Are children hang out, I stay at his house for weeks on end, even now have a house key. He says we are friends, and that he doesn't want a relationship. We have NEVER had an argument, are making plans for summertime together, with out kids, and I might be falling in love with him. I am trying not to over think this...I need advice...
just got even more confusing...last night, after a wonderful day, we were laying in bed watchin a movie, and he said something about us "dating", then he looked at me with this "oh sh*t" expression...I didn't comment on his slip up, but if I had said that,. all hell would have broke loose! What the hell is up with that?


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  • He has loads of stress from his ex and doesn't want any added relationship stress

    Try not to pressure him soon abou tyour relationship. It will be clear to him you're falling for him; you don't need to tell him that.

    Give him time to process all the changes in his life. But of course, at some point you'll have to ask him to talk about your future together...

    Try to be tentative about broaching the subject. Of course, he knows you want to have this conversation; it won't surprise him.

    Maybe he will also be ready to talk afrter a few months.

    • Thank you! Sometimes I think that we already know the answer, it just makes a whole lot more sense when someone else says it!

    • Thanks for the best answer, Jax!

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  • well, it sounds to me like a possible relationship of some type, but, regardless of how it seems, he has indoubtedly told you he is not wanting a relatinship. I think if he was in love with you he would tell you. But I do see your confusion. Its just my opinion but I'm seeing it as a really good friendship that unfortunately (or not) has a sexual side to it.

    • I do agree with absolutely everything that you said, but the thing that throws me is that he asked me not to "see" other people. Friends don't generally have that kind of reign over one another?

    • yeah, that's really confusing. Believe me I've been in these instances with guys before. I could be dead wrong I know and I'm really just throwing out what I'm thinking. Either he is just really confused right now and maybe hell come through eventually. But I also know that just because he wants you to be exclusive with you doesn't automatically mean anything. Maybe he just doesn't want to share you with anybody. Give it some time, and hopefully he will come through, but also keep your guard up.

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