Boyfriend of 3 months says he wants a break?!

My guy and I moved really fast because of the circumstances which brought us together - me needing a place to live and his ex-fiance having just moved out and left him and he was financially struggling and it worked out that I could get things here put in my name. He is bipolar depressed and going through some things, which I can understand, and we've been arguing already because of trust issues. He told me 2 weeks ago he wanted a break (but we still live together and are kinda stuck here in the same house), and just wanted to have some time to get over his depression and take the relationship stress off top of everything else, to give me time to see if I could get over my insecurities, and come back stronger and better than before. in the beginning things had been so wonderful, and he even gave me a ring. He swears he still loves me and just wanted a break, that it was not someone else, but he works out of town and he ran right to his ex-fiance to vent, also. And then a week later, he said he wanted to be back together, but that was after his car broke down out of town when he was supposed to be at work, he was unexpectedly coming home to see a doctor/psychiatrist and go back 2-1/2 hours drive to work, and after he realized guys were hitting on me and I was going to live the single life, too and changed my status on our social site. Is it possible he just needed some time to de-stress? Or is there someone else, do you think? Thanks in advance!


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  • I think he's depressed and bi-polar. I mean, there's your answer. If he's bad off, probably a relationship doesn't need to happen at this time. It might be hard enough for him just to function at all right now.


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