Why did he treat me differently if he didn’t like me back?

He had other girl friends but I was the closest girl to him. He was so sweet to me, always talking to me, sharing his food with me, looking over to me when he was in another group and nodding at me, then I nod back, give me cute expressions to make me smile, give me compliments, choose to hang out with me at school instead of his friends, us always being together going from group to group, he always joined my bus line instead of being in his own, just to be with me, us hugging goodbye, etc, etc. Everyone, even his friends thought that he liked me, but had never been informed if he did or not.

I thought he liked me back and I really, really liked him. So I told him and found out the hard way that he only ever liked me as a friend. Why did he treat me so special and differently? Was I his best friend? He is mine...

He actually reacting really badly and he was awkward with me for 20 days and even started to completely ignore me. He finally got some courage and just started treating me like a friend again. He is currently treating me like one of the guys - probably doesn't want me to get the impression that he likes me, again.

When we were close, I once asked him why he suddenly decided to hang with me all the time. He said, "It's something I can you." straight away, and it gives away nothing. He did seem have this answer prepared though...
OMG OMG OMG HE HUNG OUT WITH ME TODAY AND WE ARE OFFICIALLY FRIENDS! He didn't say anything about why he hung out with me today but he obviously was missing me :D :D :D


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  • I think its a really weird situation but I'm thinking that he could be Bi and has been going back and forth about his sexuality. He could be gay and just wanted to be friends and nows it seems awkward. I think the best way to figure this out is also one of the hardest. You have to corner him alone and ask him! I know its hard to do sometimes but I really think that's the best option.

    Hope it helps you out! :)

    PS: Feel free to message me if you have any other questions!

    • I seriously doubt he's gay, even though that would be a great solution! He is only 15 turning 16 by the way and hasn't gone through much puberty because his voice hasn't broken and he is still shorter than me. Is it possible he's too young to release he liked me?

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    • I just saw it and it must be awesome because it is from the creators of Spirited Away! That was an amazing movie (to my surprise). Thanks for giving me advice by the way.

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