Why I'm force to be the pig? (in order to get the lads)

So I'v been a pig in my late years and have plenty of girls.

thing is, I never felt any good about my self going around breaking young girls heart. I took a break for a few months and missed the "drama"

I approched a girl with the intention of being polite not nasty (like I usually display) and she diden't have any respect for me whatsoever. All she did was to pity me.

That hurt me on the inside, wich made me put into respect by making her feel inferior to me and of course that sparked the attraction more for her.

Do you girls understand that we guys (or at least me) do NOT enjoy treating girls like sh*t. I really whanted to show that I could have a normal communication with a girl without her having any trustissues with me.

It just diden't work, I was forced to be a pig in order for her to keep intrest.

As she started to make the pathtic moves on pushing my buttons, I let her know that it was time to move on before anyone would get hurt.

Why? I'm not just into the sex anymore, it bores me.

How do you guys do?


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  • You simply have to be honest and be true with yourself.

    Don't force yourself to be a pig just to attract attention and retain a relationship.

    If you don't want something, say it.


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