What should I do about this situation?

Okay me and this girl has been very good friends for 7 months now and I am in love with her. She told me she knows I am but she told me that she doesn't want to mess this up after I asked her on a date. she said she wants to take this slow, no rush. She wants it to go naturally into a relationship through friendship...her history with relationships is that she had an abusive ex boyfriend that hit her and ever since then she has been scared to get into relationships...turning down guys a lot after a date...but it seems like she is trying to save me for later...I don't know...but she doesn't want to date me but told me all those things...please enlighten me what's going on? I love her...but she told me no rush...we are always together...im only allowed to kiss her on the neck for now.


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  • Well going naturally from friendship to a relationship usually happens by the guy asking the gal out on a date. Does she realize you're a guy and you have needs too? What about how fast you want things to go? I can understand why she wants to move slow, but cmon, 'you can only kiss me on the neck', really?! Like who the hell does she think she is? My guy took his time in the beginning, being respectful of my boundaries. However, every time he 'tried' he'd at least get a bit farther, as far as I was comfortable with. There is nothing natural about saying, "oh you can only kiss me on the neck for a month, and then we'll see". Don't you feel like you're walking on eggshells? If I'd said that to my guy he probably would have thought, "wow, what kind of self entitlement is this, is she going to be really high maintenance? A prude?" He may have decided I was too much work and if I'd been treating him that way, I would say his assumption would be right. I don't know dude, weird behavior. I guess it depends on how long you're willing to wait around to see how something MIGHT turn out.

    • no no no she didn't tell me I can only kiss her on the neck...that's the only place I can kiss her because she won't let me kiss her on the lips yet I tried. She is a nice girl...like I have made progress because I couldn't kiss her on the neck before...

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    • im willing to be patient for her...as long as I see progress I won't give up

    • key word there, progress. And I agree, everyone moves at a different pace, but as long as you feel like there is progress you should be fine.

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  • your grammar is absolute sh*t mate, maybe that's why doesn't want to take it any further


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