Is she just a tease or what?

We are close friends again after two arguments that lasted combined 4 months with minimal conversation, I had to see her because we work together at a small part time job. Before the fights she would drop hints at sex and asked once to "pretend date." Both of us are 20. Fast forward to now and we are working on our friendship but she is really flirty again and said while I was sitting there on lunch. I'm going to change my clothes right here. And she playfully hitted each other. I slapped her on the the upper back of the thigh(she was lying down) and while I was walking away she stared at me and had a huge smile on her face. Is she just a tease or what?


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  • Sounds like it

    • yeah I'm 50/50. She sounds interested in my life and after these fights we have a lot of work to do to go back to how it was. It started as a flirty thing then got less flirty now its back to more flirty. But idk

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