Positive feel or thinking too much?

i met a lady online, chatted with her for 5 days.

got her number, spoked on the phone for 5 days consecutively.

went out with her the next day.

its been two days we Haven't spoke on the phone. I intiated once but she said her environment was noisy but was still okay to chat but I did not want to call.

What confuses me is she still greetings me in the morning and goodnight without fail everyday. she flirts and kept telling me she wanna be single(recently broke up three weeks back with her ex-boyfriend) and she tells me personal stuffs about her family and ex-boyfriends saying that she doesn't do that to people whom she just met and she trusted me. I flirt with her as well like when she says she's tired, I would say 'go back home and take a good rest, do you want me to take care of you :D' and she gave smile emotions and replied with a "Lol". FYI, she is of a religion very different from mine and requires converting should we get married in the future.

i know its too quick to judge but would like to know where this relationship will lead us to?

i need some answers, please help !


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  • I feel like you guy definitely have some potential, only being 7 days into the relationship it is really hard to tell where you will be in the future thought. I would try to arrange a date where you two can meet up in person and then you can talk about your future and maybe give dating a try. but you might want to wait a little bit to make sure she is over her ex


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