Can 6 months memories ruin 7 years of memories?

my ex I been with over 7 years went through a dumb phase. He thought he could find better but he went with a younger girl. we back together but all I do is cry. he been with her for 6 months and they seen each other 24 24 and she gave him money and he broke up with her out of nowhere...i feel that he has more memories with her becuase they was around 24 24 what to do?


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  • 1 minute can ruin 7 years of memories. Also, what does "24 24" mean? If you're not happy with him, find someone else.

    • 24 24 like 24/7 but way more

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  • Why are you still concerned with this ex? He has moved way past you already. His ex is now the girl that came after you. You're not even his ex. You're his last ex before the current ex.

    Move on already.

  • How can spend more time than 24/7? That's 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

    So do something more memorable with him than he could have done with her. And stop comparing yourself to her. All that is going to do is drive you nuts.


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