What do you think Interested or Just being friendly?

So I work with this guy who at first I didn't really take much notice in but he kept like joking with me and making funny faces at me till I started to respond. We been working together for 4 months now and we have been teasing each other and poking and he will tickle me. Or he will back into me and be like oh I didn't see you there. Or if I walking behind him he will just stop so I end up backing into him and be like geez walk right or keep cutting me off so I'm stuck behind him. We always sit together at breaks and he will sit so close usually that our legs are touching and he will kick my foot or poke me, Usually though he would not sit beside me when his brother was working he would sit beside his brother except lately he will sit beside me instead. He is also weird when he talks to me outside teasing me he will like tell me random facts to start a conversation like he told me how people use to sleep before electricity or how how to wrap my headphones so it doesn't wreck it that's how he seems to start conversations with me. He also will like pick up a heavy pallet and he will like turn around to me and flex his muscles. When I was having a bad day last week and I was laying my head on the table he came up behind me and rubbed my back he also did it half an hour later when walking behind me. But he hasn't asked for my number or to hang out with me outside of work, I always thought it was because he is quite a bit older and we work together so he was scared for it to come across wrong but maybe I'm wrong. So do you think he's interested or just being friendly.


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  • It's funny, I have a very similar issue. From what you describe, there's def a chance he's interested in you, but is probably afraid because of the age difference or the fact that you work together.


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