Boyfriend won't Speak to Me for No Reason.

I've been dating this wonderful guy for 3 months. I do believe we're near the whole "I love you" stage. We are out of that "honey moon" phase. We live 45 minutes away from one another. I don't have a vehicle but he knows I am working my ass off to afford one. We talked about the distance and how I dealt with a boyfriend in Iraq that we will make it as long as we're patient and understanding to one another. He tells me out of any women he's been with I'm the one he's trust and gotten comfortable with in quicker pace. Not to mention he tells me I am his "wonderful and beautiful girlfriend." He also talks about me in his future. We had a bit of an argument. I sensed something was wrong and asked him about it that if I did something possibly wrong. a week or 2 ago but he came a day later and surprised me at work he took me out to lunch and apologized for his behavior that it was his work. He has one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs in the world (police officer). Some days he liked to come home and just have some peace and quiet time. He told me he would never act the way he did again.

Not to mention his shifts are 12 hrs long and often times completely different in schedule then mine so we don't really get a chance to talk. This weekend we went to a wedding and had a complete blast! In the end we managed to squeeze each other onto a large couch and fell asleep together through out the night. Both of us hung over he dropped me off at home, said our goodbyes and basically passed out for the rest of the day.

Next morning I was at work and he text me asking how my morning was going. How he was heading home and all that. Through the day we were able to talk but he ignored some of my text (maybe like 2 cause it was all I could send out during work and 2 more after work. I mainly was doing my artwork when I got home). He would give me like one worded answers. I thought he was in a mood or didn't feel well and left him be and said goodnight as he said goodnight back. Usually I wait for him to text me when he wakes up as he works funky hours so I don't want to wake him. He didn't text me instead he was posting on Facebook.

But he was posting things about he should fix up his truck rather then spend money on drinking and guns...At the party a friend and I did admit to him that he seemed to be drinking a lot (of course said it in a polite way). Not only that but I found out he wasn't able to move back into town like he wanted. He couldn't find a place and it's way expensive to live alone here. I understood that and didn't give a fit about it even though I was a little down (of course what girl wouldn't be).

I know I've done nothing wrong but yet I think my past troubles with men (emotional abuse and being cheated on) is making me partly doubt this. I just hope me not speaking with him is the best idea in this situation.
Oh and he promised that if there was a problem he wouldn't play games but he would come to me about it...He's not one to play games which I find wonderful.


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  • So out of everything you have written,what is your question?Sorry but it just sounds like endless ramblng.I read through ALL of it and there isn't a real question in sight...

    • Its more along the lines of. "Is me just leaving him be basically the best of ideas?"

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    • All this is very true and I thank you very much for pointing it out to me! All of this is so true, I mean I've been seeing it but just wanted it to be confirmed and stuff know what I mean? Don't want to be seen as going crazy lol. I think tomorrow I am going to make it the deadline to say something...okay weird he just made contact!

    • Well good luck with dealing with this situation.

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  • If he has a 12 hour shift its probably just the stress eating him up

    • He didn't work tonight. I know he does tomorrow night and he's coming back this weekend. Way he schedule is he still kept his designated weekend off.

    • Then I got no idea

    • As I said I didn't do anything wrong and so I'm not going to worry my head on it if that's the case. He does have a hard time communicating his emotions. We both actually have that problem and have been working on it. Could possibly be he returned home to his apartment where he's alone he doesn't know anyone other then his co-workers that live in the area. Maybe his stresses kind of flooded back to him?

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