Signs that he's about to break up with you?

I have been with this guy for about two months and lately he's been less affectionate and more distant. What are some signs that a break up is near?


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  • All guys pull back. That's not necessarily an indication that a break up is near, but you'll never convince any girl that this is the case.

    More telling signs would be when he starts avoiding you, hiding from you, making sure you can't go to social events with him, treating you with contempt, getting exasperated for no real reason, that sort of thing.


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  • These are things I have noticed before a guy I dated has broke up with me:

    - Becomes more distant, doesn't respond to text messages, ignores you, just seems to be disconnected to the relationship, and the relationship doesn't seem to be a priority for him anymore

    - He starts talking about other women, maybe that they are attractive, that he likes someone else (either as a friend, or is always talking highly about other women)

    - He starts to change his tone. Things that he said when he was with you that he enjoyed, well now he is bashing them. You two spent many times going on nature hikes, well now apparently he hates them. Even when he seemed to enjoy them before.

    - His demeanor changes. He was all nice to you before, sweet talking you, kissing and hugging you, now he not longer does those things.

    - He acts like a bachelor. He stops hanging out with you, and only hangs out with his friends doing single guy stuff (ie. hanging out at bars (to meet other girls), going to strip clubs, having more guy time).

    - He no longer keeps stuff at your place (this means a break-up is imminent). He once had no care in the world about leavings at your place, because he would be back for them at some point. However, now all of a sudden he is keeping an inventory. He makes sure he takes everything back that is his. He knows that if he leaves something at your house and breaks up with you, chances are it's gone forever :P

    - His friends are talking, or there are rumours that he is either seeing someone else or going to break up with you.

    - He starts taking more care of himself. Going to the gym, wearing nice clothes, trying to look his best for new people.

  • Him being less affectionate, more distant, etc., is a pretty good indicator that he may be thinking about it. The proper response here, on your part, would be to 'mirror' the affection and distance you are receiving. He waits two days to call you . . . then you wait two days to call him next time. Give him time to miss you and wonder what you are doing. Two months in is a common time to make or break a relationship and you becoming needy and desperate because of the way he's acting will put the final nail in the coffin. However, if you relax and chill, you may get him to come back around. If he doesn't, there's a better one out there for you!

  • you know those fuzzy feelings that you used to have for each other and you guys used to look at each other and get mesmerized and then you can't stop laughing. If you have never had this it was bound to end if you used to have it, and you know what I am talking about and you guys don't have these feeling or moments anymore. Its ending and the relationship is getting old and stale he doesn't want you anymore, he is cold towards you, you cry and he isn't there for you. He doesn't do the same things he used to do its ending. But one door closed is another one open so it may for the best if its ending with you and him.


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