Is he cheating or am I over thinking it?

So my boyfriend and I been staying together since September been together been dating since I was 13 but broke up a year ago for a few months then got back together. Lately he's been weird and seems like every little things becomes an argument. Recently he says he might need me to go back home for a weekend, I was thinking that since I have my cat with me he might want me to take him with me while he gets some work done since we aren't suppose to have a pet here, but then out of nowhere I got a gut feeling it was something else so I asked whose visiting he won't tell me today he took the wrong phone and a text shows up from a woman I never met b4 saying she will be up next weekend which is the same weekend he wants me to go back to my house. Should I confront him or just take everything with me and just be done with it all? Or see what happens. What should I do?


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  • You have the right idea: Just take everything and don't come back.

    Especially, take the cat!

    It's crystal clear what he is doing, and he's not happy in the relationship, so whydrag things out, get angry, and fight?

    It's better for you to just disappear.


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  • Call up cheaters and see if they will have someone stake out the place and put a camera in the bedroom. Though cheaters usually does ongoing relationships, I am not sure if they will take your case. You could look into borrowing/renting/buying a nanny cam.


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  • i'm sorry to hear what happened and that's not right. he should be honest about what his plans are and why he's asking if you could go home for the weekend. the thing is do you really just want to go home for the weekend while he meets up with someone else and then come back? that's just plain rude and inconsiderate of him and I guess there's a reason why he took the wrong phone. it was because you needed to find out. I'm sure he's probably already figured out that he took the wrong phone. so I guess the question is what are you going to do with the information you just found out in the text message? are you going to send him a message to the phone he took and tell him he got a message from her saying she's up for next weekend or are you going to wait until he gets home? take care and good luck on this.


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