Why would she do this?

So there is this girl who I was with for a while but never officially dated cause of work. She left me to try to get back with her ex. She won't talk to me other than when we work together and when we do everything is like it used to be. She swears she never thinks about me and refuses to talk to me outside of work. However she always mentions me behind my back to others. Never anything bad just generic things about me and things I do. I always hear of her talking about me.


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  • Is she back with her ex now? it may be possible you lost your chance or its bad timing... If she is talking about you to other people you may be on her mind but it may not be good even if it neutral comments... Id say if she is refusing to talk to you outside of work then right now is not the time. Its probably nothing personal or bad you did but maybe she has moved on...


What Guys Said 1

  • It seems that she really wants to be away from you because she still have strong feelings for her ex.

    Better move on and find a better girl for yourself.


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