Is it shallow to dump a girl because she refused to swallow?

I really like it when a girl swallows my cum, and if she doesn't like it or won't do it, its a complete turn off for me, and so its important that a girl is into that for me. is that shallow?

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How Hypocritical. It's OK for a girl to reject a guy for not satisfying her sexual needs, but not OK for a guy to do the same?


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  • 'Shallow' is just a point of view.

    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions (though no one is entitled to a relationship). It's better than lying about it. And, if you think about it, 'settling' is actually really unfair to both yourself and your partner.

    I've never dated a girl who didn't like swallowing. So, I'm not 100% sure what I'd do. Since I enjoy giving oral sex (and eating out a girl almost inevitably involves swallowing her juices), I wouldn't like it if she didn't reciprocate. But, at the same time, I'd appreciate her honesty.

    I'm not sure what I'd dislike more, the fact that she didn't swallow or the fact that she didn't WANT to swallow.


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  • Is it shallow to dump a girl because she refused to swallow?

    Not in my opinion as I find sexual satisfaction to be important since I'd dump a guy if I didn't orgasm during sex with him.

    • Just a thought Udol...I think he is being absurd.If he had issues with finishing...meaning hypothetically,for some reason he couldn't come,THEN...okay.Maybe there is an issue involving sexual compatibility.But,I can't wrap my head around,YOU MUST SWALLOW MY BODILY FLUIDS.Some women vomit at the mere idea of it because of texture,taste etc.Its ridiculous that after everything is said and done,good sex and all,that he would consider dumping her because of this.In that case,what if she wants to

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    • haha. look who got deleted. keep making them you witch

    • @Arwens-Fire The point is vaginal fluid is disgusting too and is in fact dirtier as it has yeast and bacteria while semen don't. Wouldn't you dump a guy if he won't lick vag fluid because it's disgusting? Double standard. That's the point if swallowing turns a man on it's not shallow he is entitled to his own preference. The point here is men swallow fluid down there the entire time when giving oral. So if a woman cannot swallow she should not even ask a man to go down on her. A woman's orgasm is being prioritized anyways during sex.

  • Yes its shallow and immature,and honestly a little stupid.Clearly you don't care for how SHE feels.The day YOU want to swallow cum,THEN we actually have something to talk about.-_-

    • Selfish but when a man won't eat pussy because vaginal fluid is disgusting he is also selfish? Double standard?

    • Newsflash semen is also way cleaner than vaginal fluid.

  • That’s so shallow and selfish. Maybe you should consider how she feels about it. Do you really care more about her swallowing cum than you care about her and her feelings?

    • But let me guess the woman would want the guy to lick her yeast and bacteria infested fluid right? If a guy refuse to go down on a woman because vaginal juice is filthy would you also call that shallow and selfish? The audacity and double standard really.

  • Sexual compatibility is important in a relationship. If you aren't satisfied then I don't think it's shallow.

  • I do think that's a bit of a pathetic reason to dump a girl. It's really such a minor issue in comparison to bigger issues. But I think if you are willing to do this, then the girl is not meant for you. I'm almost 99% positive that if you met a wonderful girl that you really, really liked or love you wouldn't even consider dumping her over such a small thing. I wouldn't however call this "shallow". There's something wrong about that word in this context, I just think it's more immature than anything else.

    • But lemme guess would you say a woman is pathetic for dumping a guy because he does not want to go down on her and swallow filthy vaginal fluid?

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    • @richardace_123 Nobody cares that you don't like pussy. Sorry to say.

    • Same here nobody cares if you don't like penis and are ridiculous enough to have double standard. But don't call a guy pathetic for his sexual desires as it shows who the real immature one is.

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  • NO it is not shallow, and it is critical to determine this stuff before intimacies start. It is my body and I know what will make me happy in the bedroom. I have the final word as who gets access to my body and who does not. No reason to be nasty , just a calm statement of hey I'm not the man for you. There are other men who would be happy if you spit but that is not me, sorry I'm not interested. I recently rejected a woman precisely for this. I bought her dinner, we went to her place and she said she wanted to blow me. I said I love it when a woman swallows she said she did not do that. I pulled back and said we cannot be intimate you need someone different than me for intimacies. I said we can be friends and we can talk about whatever you like but we should remain platonic. She got upset but hey not my problem, people get rejected all the time for what ever reason, too fat , too skinny, too black , too white, not enough money. I'm so happy I rejected that woman for next week I met another woman, who made it clear she had no problem swallowing at all as long as I'd go down. I said I love to go down, she said come over. It was an amazing beautiful experience I would not have had if I sold myself short. It was also special since I had not had an orgasm in 40 days, and there was no need for towel or Kleenex. Absolutley amazing beautiful woman, Im grateful to have met. Of course you can settle and deny what makes you happy and as time goes by you will invariably run into women who don't mind swallowing at all and you will resent the spitter you are with. but you will have no one to blame but yourself for not being honest and courageous enough to express in polite terms what makes you happy and sticking to it. I've experienced both the spitter and swallower, and I've swallowed my own stuff. No don't settle, good things come to those who wait. this is America if someone else wants a spitter he can have her. I will never date a spitter again, too many great women like it.

    • Exactly. Women who spit should never even request to be eaten out. Am surprised by the number of beta cucks who would swallow pussy juices but have a woman spit his fluid in front of him.

  • Shallow would normally be used to describe liking someone not based on deepness, especially of character: dating someone because of their hair color, their butt or you could say because they swallow cum.

    I think your allowed to have your priorities. I wonder if you would really dump her or if you are trying to coerce her into getting your way.

  • If its important to you, its important to you.

    Anyone saying its so unimportant, if its that unimportant she'd just f***ing swallow. Its a two way street - not only were you willing to break up over it, she was too.

    Find someone compatible.

  • if your needs aren't being met, then you are free to dump her. personally, as long as I come in her mouth, I don't get all hung up on spit vs swallow (although I do think swallowing is hot), but it's your life.

  • Very shallow and self centered. As was mentioned by one of the girls below, you want an object, not a person. Buy a blow up doll to get off with.

    • Go swallow some yeast infested fluid then from a woman. It's not shallow, don't men swallow vaginal fluid down there? Beta cuck

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