Why are guys so hostile to their gf's exes?

It's not like we are some sort of threat to them..if the girlfriend is going to cheat, it's not because of anything we exes do, it's because of the girlfriend herself!

Your gf's past isn't going to be changed or erased by anything you say or do. So why not be a good guy and tolerate her exes?

And being hostile to her exes is only likely to increase, not decrease, the chances she might cheat on you. She'll be justifiably angry with you.


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  • Ex means finished or to leave.

    There is a reason why they are an ex, I wouldn't expect that they still are in communication with each other.

    I guess guys feel this way because they knew there once was a time when their girlfriend had strong feelings for this man.

    They are afraid that those feelings can be rekindled.

    Feeling this way is natural and understandable, it would make anyone feel uncomfortable.

    But like you said if someone already has in their mind they are going to cheat, they will.

    Being friends with an ex isn't going to determine this.


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  • Right but telling people this isn't going to change how they act.

  • I think it really depends on the person and how mature they are. When I was younger I would get angry at my girlfriend's Ex-Boyfriends because I knew at one point she had very strong feelings for them and there was a subconscious fear that those feelings might still be lingering. But as I grew up I've realized that doesn't matter and it has no impact on me anymore. Obviously this is just my personal experience and there could easily be other reasons why people don't like their girlfriend's Ex-Boyfriends.


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