How to put the ego aside?

As far as I know I have a huge ego. Not to the extent where I go around bragging. It's very subtle; I don't like to show it... but it's there. When people wrong me or hurt me in any way, I have a strong need to get revenge on them just to balance things out. For example my ex. She is basically just like me and it has been a power struggle ever since our break up. I know I no longer love her but somehow the things she does really grind my gears. She got into a rebound relationship with some dude and has been trying to rub him in my face whenever we're in the same place. That and over Facebook/twitter... the usual. It really annoys me but I don't want to play along anymore. How can I put my ego aside?


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  • First of all, your pride hurts. So now your bitter, which explains the revenge. I do the same thing. And remember that everyone deserves to be happy. There are times when we cave to our strong ego's, at least you are aware of it. You can't put it aside, don't fight it. Understand why you are feeling egotistical, maybe argue with yourself lol. Watch this movie called Revolver...all about ego, great stuff.

    Clearly she didn't see the true you and now you want to be heard. A woman will take pure enjoyment in seeking revenge as well so stop it, revenge is not going to work, it's just your ego. You know who you are and you never need to explain yourself...unless you lied. Then you need to be honest. Logic and reason is the only way to put the ego aside, and awareness and you've got that one down already.


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  • Simply don't be rush in your decisions.

    Look at why the person had "hurt" you. It must be that he must be having a bad day or it's something accidental.

  • You don't have to put your ego aside just to make her happy however, think about the repercussions if you decide not to. Is she worth you putting aside your ego for? This is what women ask themselves whenever they meet a new he worth it?


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