What's the best way to get an ex boyfriend interested again?

My ex and I broke up like 10 months ago. I only had a mild crush on him as friends. He had a huge crush on me, and pursued me very hard until I said yes. We ended up having an amazing relationship for almost a year. Then he got scared and broke it off. He said, this was his first real relationship, and he doesn't want to commit because he has a lot of schooling to do, and a career to start etc. I could tell how hard this breakup was for him to do, but in his head, it was the logical decision.

We had to see each other everyday after the breakup, because we worked together. It was a loooong breakup process. He kept pushing for friendship...I kept pushing for a relationship. There were a lot of tears and argument. One day, he got so mad, he told me he'll never date me again, and I should just move on forever.

Ever since he said that, I have left him completely alone, even though I see him everyday. Nowdays, I only see him once a week, because we don't work in the same area anymore. Things have cooled down now. He still comes up to me to make conversation. He has asked me before why I'm so cold to him. He says he still cares about me, but not in "that" way.

I still think about him a lot! I don't think he thinks about me. I don't know where things went wrong. I miss him and want him back. What can I do to get him interested again? How can I tell if he has any feelings left?


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  • If he broke it off and it's been this long, he's moved on. Unless if he came to you in between the time of the break up and the present- your chances are slim to none.

    If you try to do anything to get his 'interest' back I'm sorry to break it to you but you'll come off as clingy not to mention a tad nuts..

    I wish you good luck next time, hopefully another man can appreciate you even more than your ex! :)


    • You're right. I guess I never really move from the last guy, unless I find the next guy. No matter how long the breakup has been. My ex has only approached me multiple times with friendship, but strictly that. But he does make a very solid effort to try and remain friends. Even though its awkward, he still tries. Which makes me think, he could still have some feelings? But you're right...there's a slim chance of that being true. Thanks!

  • Give it up & move on. He still likes you... as a friend, but that's all you're going to get from him. What went wrong? Who really knows... could even be that you might look like a cousin of his or something & THAT may bother him. Don't blame yourself & always remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea to catch & taste. Doesn't mean you have to keep them all, just catch & release until you find the ONE that YOU know is a keeper! Good luck in your search. I'm sure you'll find what your fishing for as you seem like a very smart individual.

    • Somedays I like being his friend. We have so much fun together. I can pick up on our old chemistry. It sucks being just his friend tho. I only suck it up hoping he remembers our good times. If all he sees me as is a friend, and it'll never be anything more, then I want to cut all contact forever. How do I tell which one it is? He does really go out of his way to ask me to be friends. Ugh! I don't understand how we went from such a strong love to this!

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