Annoying sibling is too involved

Me and my boyfriend have been together a year now. We have our arguments as every couple does but things seemed to be fine again until his sister came back from university. She is a couple years older than us and gets along with my boyfriend really well. They are really close. But every time she comes back from university she either makes comments or wants to get involved in our relationship. In the past she has made comments about us talking too much. We were close friends before we got together and see each other at college every day. Her comments were things like "you've only just seen her, why do you need to text her already". But lately these things have become worse. My boyfriend let her borrow his laptop so that she could talk to her own boyfriend. Whilst she was on it she has looked through all our conversations on Skype. She has looked at arguments from weeks ago then gone to my boyfriend and told him that she thinks I don't treat him right. This led him to admitting that things have been stressful lately due to work at college as well. She questioned him saying "If things are such a nightmare then why are you still with her?" Which led him to bursting out crying and saying "because I love her to bits". Now, he never cries, especially in front of his family so this was a big thing. I only found out about all of this week ago and it led us to have many arguments. I am obviously really upset that she has done these things and then looked through our messages, all sorts of things are said on there. But he doesn't seem bothered at all. I tried to explain and we ended up arguing for hours until he decided that enough was enough and ended the relationship. After a long talk it was decided that we wouldn't break up. We love each other to pieces and I really don't know what I'd do without him. Even after all of this though, his sister is still looking through messages, and even replied to a question I asked him over Skype. I'm just fed up of her trying to get involved. I feel like I'm being judged and now my boyfriend wants me to try to talk to her because he feels I don't like her. Honestly, after this I don't. She has done nothing but talk about me behind my back and judge me when she has never made an effort to even talk to me.

I don't know what to do. I guess I just want to know whether I should talk to him again some time in person or not. All of this is making me paranoid. I can't help but wander what she reads, and she is still able to do so.

Thanks in advance and sorry that it is so long. Any advice at all is welcome. Just someone to talk to is helpful, as I feel I'm not allowed to tell anyone anything.


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  • Tell him how you feel... That's all I can think of

    • He gets really annoyed as it is his sister though. But it is causing so much tension between us. I've been bottling this stuff up all week and it's getting to the point where everything is annoying me. I'm just scared of talking to him because I have to "prove myself" this month or we're done. I don't want to lose him so I feel like I can't tell him how I feel.

    • Well if she's looking through his messages. Send him something personal and inappropriate for anyone else's eyes. If she sees it then maybe he'll realize how little privacy you two have when she's around

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