Does he seem interested in me or just lookin for a casual hook up?

I met this guy at a bar a couple weeks ago. We danced and talked all night. We ended up kissing a bit too. He had to get up early for work, but before he left he asked for my number and called right away. I couldn't get together that next weekend but we ended up texting back and forth. What's weird is that he usually initiates the texting but isn't very good at keeping the convo going and sometimes sends one word answers. UGH frustrating! So anyways that next weekend we got together and met up at the same bar. We had a blast and ended up making out in his truck at the end of the night. He wanted to have sex, but I told him I wasn't looking for a casual hookup so we didn't. He told me that he's not looking for anything casual and is in fact looking for a relationship. That next day he met up w me and some friends for brunch and we had a great time. OK so this is my confusion w the whole situation then. That was a few days ago and I've texted him a couple times and he's not very good at getting back to me. Sometimes he does right away, sometimes it takes an hour, or even a day or two. He has a very demanding job so I do understand that he's busy, but I'm just sorta feelin like he isn't very into me at this point. Guys help me here if you're interested in someone wouldn't you be better at keeping in touch?


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  • SEX you met at a bar he wants sex.

  • It seems that he's interested in you.

    The thing is he's just not good in keeping the conversation going.


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