What must happen before you break-up/divorce?

So what actions/events must take place in a relationship before you (in general) decide on breaking up or divorcing?
From the comments below, I see that I didn't explain clearly. I'm not asking how to divorce or break up. I'm asking about what actions/behaviors must happen in a relationship before divorce is even considered.

For example, your significant other might be jealous all the time, and that drives you away.


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  • if its over kill jealousy you have to decide if its something you can work on to make her feel more trusting or move on,love takes work,if you love her and you would never cheat on her,tell her that you do but that if she continues being jealous, the relationship will not work without trust.


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  • 1- retain counsel.

    Or, If you don't want the house and there is not going to be a Thing with custody...

    1- move out (you should mention to your spouse that you are leaving first. Good manners are free, you know.)

    2- retain counsel

    3- LET THE GAMES BEGIN- May the odds be ever in your favor.

    • OH- I thought I was giving you awesome free legal advice. For me, there wasn't like a laundry list of complaints that drove me away... it was more like an extended bout of general misery that lasted for about 3 years. When I realized no amount of talking was going to give my husband and me common ground besides our child and that there was never going to be a meeting of our minds, I left. Life is too short to spend it with someone you can't do *nothin* with.

    • No problem. I wasn't clear in my question.

  • Hate..resentment..regret. Overall can't wait for this person to get the f*** out my life.


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  • What planning is involved? Or what things in a relationship would lead someone to want to break up? Your question is confusing.


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