What do I do now? I feel lost.

I have liked her for ages and she admitted that she used to like me, but we stopped talking until about 7 months ago.

Then she started seeing this guy for about 6 months so I couldn't really say anything. She flirted with me a lot at school whilst seeing this guy and we got closer, and I started to really like her again, almost infatuation, but because she was with another guy, I couldn't say anything.

This left me feeling quite contained and like a mixed bag of emotions. You see, she was brilliant in person, but by text she was just different, so I got mixed feelings all the time.

Anyway, she broke up with him about a month ago, and we started to talk a lot more etc. I thought she had taken an interest in me but my friends just said she was using me and leading me on and trying to make him jealous, I hoped not.

Also, whilst she was texting me, she was also still texting her ex but she always said it was only as friends. I was quite jealous about this because he thought something was going to happen again with them.

I asked her if she likes him again and she said no she just wants to be friends with him, so I accepted that being the nice person that I am.

We started going to the movies etc, and she used to hold my hand etc. whilst we were there, so I obviously got the impression that she started to like me back.

Then, a party was coming up and me and her ex and her were both going.

Because she was texting her ex, he got the impression that they were going to get back together at this party, but she said they weren't because she didn't feel that way about him.

So anyway, at this party when she arrives, she starts talking to me for a short while then goes and talks to her ex for most of the night? I was getting quite angry at this because they broke up for a reason, but who was I to judge their relationship?

She then came back over to me, and saw that I was annoyed but didn't really say anything because she said after she was 'oblivious'.

Things started to heat up and lots of people were getting angry at her and felt sorry for me because it was unfair that she was doing this to 'both of us'(me and her ex). I was really angry at the time because I couldn't understand what was happening and why she was speaking to me how she was speaking.

After the party, she overheard people talking about her and how she was leading both of us on, and got upset and went home crying.

When I rung her that night, it took me about 20 minutes to get through because she had just been on the phone to her ex.

She told him and then told me that she was sorry for leading us both on and bluntly said that from now on, things have to change between us,we can only be friends.

I felt destroyed and lost, like all this time I had spent improving our relationship was just a waste of time, I am now back at square one.

I just don't know what to do, do I persevere, do I not?

She says that after exams, if things happen, they happen.

What do I do?

I just can't get over this girl.


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  • I suggest you at least wait until exams are over before getting back on track with one another. I would also guess, judging from your descriptions of the past, that you believed she was unable to move on from her ex all along. If you're looking to become her next boyfriend I really advise you to stop suspecting such things because this is a sign of trust issues. Also this oncludes what your friends said about her for "using you", simply do not give into them until you have solid proof.

    • Thanks a lot for this advice. Do you think I should still speak to her or not? (as in in person and texts)

    • Talking to her is completely fine. I hope you haven't been avoiding one another, that would be an obvious sign of awkwardness between you two and may require time and patience to get past it. In my opinion, being able to talk comfortably in person would be the best approach but that's only if she is entirely comfortable with the idea.

      But I'm sure you'll be fine, you seem more than sensible enough, just be very gentle and easygoing about everything. But make sure she's ready first (exams).

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  • I think I know in what position she is in. This might sound a little bit mean but..

    Okay so I think in the beginninge she really was trying to use you, as in make her ex jealous at first and getting over him too at the same time. But by spending a lot of time with you, she might have feelings for you but doesn't want to admit them. Just give her some space right now. Let her sort out her love life a little bit and about 2 weeks if you still have the same feelings for her, just text her and see how she reacts. Unless you don't want to then just leave her alone, get over her and either wait 'till she texts you or ignore her. I can't tell you what to do because this is not my life but yours and it is you to decide what to do. So I am only giving you options of what you could do. I hope I could help :) and good luck!


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  • Way too long no one is going to answer this...

  • Simply find another girl.

    • I have tried before but I just can't lose feelings for her, I have tried so hard to.

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