Do we give up too easily? Success Stories?

I recently broke up with a girl after only 2 months but it was the most special 2 months I've had with a girl, she appeared to be of the same mind until the end.

Everyone says just leave it, no contact, move on. But why? If she could be the one and and just has other pressures in her life right now... why shouldn't I fight for her?

Has anyone got success stories of where things finished and you got back together after making an attempt and its worked out?
sorry, I used the wrong words there. she broke up with me. I guess I meant "we broke up"


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  • I am getting married in May to my first real boyfriend we got together when I was 16 and broke-up when I was 20! We both tried to move on and date other people but during the 3 years we were apart we kept going to each other for help or for comfort or for sex! We couldn't stay away from each other so every relationship we had during the 3 years never worked out because we couldn't leave each other alone! It wasn't one sided it was both us we could never tell each other NO! I would call him and he would show up or he would call me and I would show up! But we got back together in August 2012 and had a open relationship until January 2013 and we now realize we belong together and we are getting married at the end of May! So just because you break-up it doesn't mean it's over! So if you love her fight for her you will know if she still loves you!

    • That's really good to hear. So glad its working out for you :)

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  • Why did you break up with her in the first place if you feel this way?

    • sorry, I used the wrong words there. she broke up with me.

    • You can fight for her, but probably not in the way you are thinking. If you really want her back, then cease to be an active part of her life. Let her miss you. If she does, she'll let you know. Meet other people and have fun in the mean time. Date other women. You can't sit around and sulk or beg for her back, she will lose respect for you that way, and if that happens, the coffin is sealed.

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  • It really depends on why you broke up..'pressures in life' can mean many things.

    Just for example. if her family was dead set against you, it's unlikely you're ever going to get her to change her mind.

    • no it was more difficulties with her child, starting a new job and I think she was depressed. All our parents were supportive of us. I'm thinking more in terms of other peoples positions here than my own. Or opinions on whether we as society give up on love too easily

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