I've made a horrible mistake. Will my ex ever talk to me again?

First off, I'm in love with Norah (my ex). She told me to break up with my girlfriend. I didn't do it but she was persistant saying she wants to move in with me and that she loves me etc. so one day I called her and said I would break up with girlfriend to be with her forever the next day she says I shouldn't break up with Val (girlfriend) and I naturally ask why. she says because she should give someone else a chance and is talking to a guy named chase? whom she met in one day and holds his hand and doesn't try to sleep her in one day? I'm thinking she is lying but I really have no proof so I called her a whore and a devil and a bunch of other things because I thought she was manipulating me but now I'm not so sure and she's blocked me on everything. She lives in another city. and I can't talk to her to apologize or get the truth. should I just wait a few weeks and then try again? if anything I just want to tell her I love her and I'm sorry. what should I do?


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  • Well eventhough I'm a girl,I think that your reaction was natrual and actually good. I mean you noticed that she was actually just manipulating you. That or she wanted to make you jealous of this chase dude, what a lot of girls do for some stupid reason I don't get, becuase they think that it will help them get together with their crush. Okay so, first of all, just wait a couple of weeks and then try talk to her again and first apologize, then ask her about the truth to the situation and depending on her reaction, tell her that you love her or not.

    I hope I could help ;)


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  • IF your still in love with someone else you shouldn't be in a new relationship. Even with Norah out of the picture you should still end it with your current girlfriend she doesn't deserve to be with someone who doesn't love her. Secondly even if your ex was lying you should have never called her all those names, it makes you look weak and I would have blocked you forever too. It looks like you definitely need some you time.

  • Why do you think you called her all those bad names? Did you do it out of hurt and anger? Obviously you don't actually think those things about her If your in love with her. It's never good to call anyone names but all of us are guilty of it. Women, sad to say, are manipulative. I hate to about it, but we are. Maybe she was just trying to see how far you would go for her. Maybe she wanted you to prove how much you love her, which tells me she has self esteem issues. I also agree with the comment earlier. You should not be with anyone right now. Let yourself heal so that you can give your next girl your best. If your ex really loves you, she would not put you in the position to choose between her and your current girl. If you have strong feelings for your current girl and you don't want to lose her talk to her about slowing things down. If she cares about you, she'll understand.


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