Did I ruin all my chances with him?

ive had a crush on this boy for the longest time. well, he wasn't talking to me for the past couple of weeks but all of a sudden he is again.

Monday he talked to me the entire class period and I felt pretty good about it and thought maybe he was just checking to see if there was any interest left.

Tuesday he didn't really talk to me much but then again he didn't really talk to anybody much either.

same with Wednesday I think, I don't really remember.

but on Thursday he joked around with me a lot and did some cute things. BUT, we were walking to lunch together from the same class and I've never walked with him before. usually he's either way ahead or behind me. and it looked like he was trying to go the same pace as I was to walk with me. but it was so awkward because we werent talking anymore. then I kind of sped up so I wouldn't be walking right next to him him. and honestly I died inside because I got scared and didn't know what to do and my first instinct was to leave. I didn't like RUN away from him. but I like looked away while walking and kind of changed my pace. but when we got back to class from lunch he joked around with me a little bit more.

do you think he noticed or cared? I really regret walking away.


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  • If he was talking again afterward, he most likely didn't care. But stop doing that sh*t if you're actually interested in a guy...how do you expect to get close to him if you don't let him get close?


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