Make a move? Or play it cool PLEASE ANSWER!

So I invited this girl I like over to my house to watch a movie next weekend and I don't know whether or not I should make a move. I've liked her for a long time but have only started talking to her for the past few months. We text a lot and eat lunch in the same friend group. She already knows I like her but this is the first time that we are hanging out just the two of us. Should I make a move on her or just hang out and watch the movie? She seems to be at least a bit interested in me.
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Okay so it seems like most people say I should make a move. How should I do it? I'm not used to having to make the first move, this is all sorta new to me :P


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  • If she agrees to come with you alone, this is a green signal; she is interested and now it is time to make your move. If she would not want to be alone with you in your house or her house, select some other place where she is more comfortable. Nature has prepared and kept everything ready for both of you; it will come to you in right time, but keep your efforts on. There are some code for this things in each region and indirectly ask her using this cod. You must also be ready if she reject your advances move – getting into her …... , ask her to do it on some special day – her birthday or your. Do not go directly on her, she will need time to agree and do what you plan.

    • I don't think we are talking bout the same sort of move here :P Me and this girl haven't had a physical relationship with each other at all. I feel like you're talking about sex, I'm talking about a first kiss with her and making out.

    • Everything will follow after a first kiss automatically. It is natural and it has to happen. I am sorry if you are hurt.

    • What? What do you mean by "sorry if you are hurt"?

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What Girls Said 2

  • Back in my day, this was a green-light. Make your move. She's interested or else she would not want to be alone with you in your house. Of course, you must also be ready if she rebuffs your advances... which COULD happen. But I have never gone to a dude's house to "watch a movie" and then actually watched a movie. "Watch a movie" is code for "take off our pants" or at least "make out until our faces ache". But then again, I could just be a slut.

    I'd do it. Bust a move, Young MC!

  • I would say make a move, when I went over to a guys house I hoped he made a move on me and he did. were dating now. If you are really nervous try doing an accidental move and then move away and say srry and see how she reacts or somthing like that. If she's comeing over to your house just the two of you to watch a movie she much like you. But if your really not sure try asking one of your friends and see what they say.


What Guys Said 1

  • Take a risk, you're young. There's no sense "waiting around" for a hint that things are moving in the right direction; by then she'll either lose interest or think that you have, leaving you in the friend zone (which is a bitch to get out of)... Just make sure that you are upfront and direct about things. Tell her your interest before things get complicated and live your life by your standards, not by hers.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Examples / Ideas: Tease her and try to lead it into keeping something from her (like an item) keep it out of reach and let her try to get it, if she keeps going with it, escalate a little and play wrestle with her over the item, don't let her win but don't go all out to make sure you win either. The point is "playful"... Fun, adventurous, risky, sexy. A moment will spark you where she slows down right next to your lips, something will click in your head that it's time to kiss her Don't hold back

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