Can someone please explain why he would do this, a guy's point of view would be great?

We work together, we got on really well at first. I liked him the minute I saw him and I felt and believed the feelings/ attraction was mutual.

He then tells me he has kids, which surprised me because he's a young guy just like me and didn't give off that fatherly vibe but nonetheless I appreciated his honesty.

Then, the next day things started to go sour, we didn't get along at all i.e. didn't look at each other or speak all day. I got bad vibes from him.

He would keep on ignoring me and kept this up for a good few days. I believe he became jealous of me talking to other guys in the office and he thought I was ignoring him.

He then decides to talk to me the following week, telling me he is single and he asked me out on a date. When I message him to ask the details like where we would be going etc he said he'd call me back. He DIDN'T call back, I waited the whole weekend to hear from him and nothing!

When we came back to work after the weekend, he acted like nothing happened and then tells me that he has a "woman" so why would he bother with anyone else.

He later changes again, the next week and says he's going to dump his girl and that now he's single. He's been saying he's single ever since.

Now he keeps asking to take me out dancing and for cocktails, gigs and he offers to drop me home in his car (I don't ever let him drop me home).

He keeps squeezing my shoulder and finds any reason to touch me.

He keeps saying I'm a cool girl and that I'm a true friend of his, like a sister and that we will be friends til the end. Yet he keeps flirting with me and he comes onto me very strong, this has left me feeling very confused!


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  • Looks like he's an emotionally unstable guy to me...A "normal" guy wouldn't do this. My guess is he's just ended things with that woman of his and wants some p****...

  • He's already telling lies and you haven't even begun seeing each other at all! Imagne the lies he'll tell later when he knows you better!


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