Guys, how do you get over a breakup so quick & not miss your ex or show any hurt?!!!

my boyfriend (now ex) of 2 years broke up with me nearly 6 week ago. he told me he still had feelings for me & admitted it would be hard but said it was for the best. 2 week after breaking up with me he got real drunk & kissed a girl at a party. he now goes clubbing every weekend and he has blocked me completely out of his life! (Facebook calling twitter myspace) at first I was begging for him back but I am now in 2 week of no contact. I no he cared about me & we were so close why is he acting not bothered whilst its killing me?! I'm totally heartbroken! please help:(


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  • He's probably not over you. The reason he's going out clubbing and doing all those things is to keep him self occupied so he doesn't feel alone. No one "wins" the game of breaking up, everyone hurts no matter what they show. Trust me that's exactly what I do when I go through a break up, I go out. I've slept with 2 girls since but I miss the hell out of my Ex, I'd do anything to get her back.

    My ex broke up with me a month ago said the same thing she thought it was for the best and still wanted to be friends. I tried to get her back, then she blocked me on FB etc. I thought she was doing fine and was over me. But I saw her at work a couple weeks later and she looked terrible, pale face, super broken out, dark circles around her eyes and just super depressed.

    He does care about you though :), he's just looking out for himself and trying to heal right now. You should be doing the same.

    • im sorry to hear your going through kinda the same thing! it really

      sucks! its just I miss him like

      crazy and if he misses me too I don't see why he doesn't give in andcall me?!

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  • Sometimes breakups can be seen coming for a while and be felt for a few days even before anything actually happens. Almost like a 6th sense. The uncertainty can be more annoying than the breakup itself.

    Last breakup I had I instantly moved on from because it was seen coming for so long that it was just a matter of me saying something for it to happen.

  • I start living that single life again going out getting drunk not worrying about my girlfriend calling me to check on me and then I go out and get a new one... with no ways felt

    • so did you not miss your ex at all?!

    • NOPE NOT AT ALL, I cared for her a lot to but its not hard to get over things like this

  • Date someone new - it's the best way!

    • thanks for your reply & I will but I am afraid this will backfire and make my chances of getting back with him even less likely!?

    • What you want to achieve is getting over not getting back

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  • Honestly,men have a different way of dealing with pain than women do.Women want to sit around and talk about"feelings",while men keep it in,and try to put on a face that...they don't care.There is NO way on gods green earth,that someone dated you for 2 years,and they are suddenly over it in a matter 6 weeks.Rubbish!Rubbish!Rubbish!

    Even though he kissed some girl two weeks later,it meant nothing other than...he kissed a girl.That's it.It is often said,that guys try to get over girls by dating someone new,or through having sex with different girls.A lot of guys do this (which I think is just stupid because it isn't necessarily resolving or dissolving just buries it and it resurfaces later),but he is just trying to move on.

    There's nno reason for you to be heartbroken over his behavior now.You would have better luck at getting through this breakup if you stop the fb stalking,twitter,instagram and whatever else.Don't text,call or email him.Cut him out of your life like he cut you out of his.The mainpurpose of cutting someone out of your life,is to help you move on faster.That's what he is doing,and you should try and do the same.

    It hurts like heck,but we have all been there.Spend your time with friends,take some classes,by a pet etc.Anything to keep your mind off of him.You must remember that when someone breaks up with you,its because they think they can do better.They no longer want to be involved with you.His actions are showing just that.So...

    Move on,and don't worry about what he is doing now.And if someone is trying to feed you information on what he is doing now,ignore it.


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