Is it possible I could turn a 'brother/sister' type friendship into a actual relationship?!

OK, so I've known this one guy since freshman year (we're now juniors)

in 9th grade when we had a class together he sat in front of me and I'd always mess with him and he'd turn around and pick on me and mess back (you know like how girls play with guys) and when we had that class together my best friend was in there with us and swore up and down I liked him

and even now people are like "yall should go out" "stop flirting" "just get married already" which we both usually respond with a "hell no, wtf" "your crazy" "eff you, go away" (which I did end up developing a small crush on him) and that we'd eventually go out or hook up somewhere down the road.

Well now we have another class together this year, and he's opened up to me some about his family and just other junk,(which I found out we have some things in common like favorite sushi, and something else but I can't think of it at the moment, but he's also tried giving me advice like my truck or mustang and other stuff)

and we're constantly going back and forth throughout the whole class slapping/insulting/ hitting and messing with each other. And he's even admitted that we're like brother and sister, but he's always touching me and trying to be a smart butt so I can't tell if he's trying to flirt a bit or if he's just playing around being a smartass (which usually when we mess around I end up blushing/laughing and punching him in the arm or w/e).

also I've noticed that this past week, whenever we go to our lab seats to use computers he'll look at me and to one those light punches to my shoulder..ive also noticed that sometimes his face gets a little flush but I can't tell if its from laughing a lot if he's acutally blushing..and he's a really cool guy and wouldn't mind dating him but I straight up suck at picking up hints and I just really don't have a whole lot of dating experience so help please someone?!
Now I remember that other thing we had in common!

Its was how we both were teased and bullied alott when we were younger and we've both been really depressed and just we just shared that feeling of what its like to want to take your own life and even attempting to but not for w/e yeah I mean its not a huge common factor but I mean we both know what its like to feel that bad and its just good to have someone that can have that common ground no matter your differences you know?


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  • You're already heading into a potential relationship.

    It must be that he's just shy in conveying his true feelings.


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