How to make your boyfriend want you even after 2 years?

So like in my question, me and my boyfriend are in a relationship for two years now. For a long time when we are together it's always me who have to initiate our "happy hour". Not to mention he works in another country now, when he gets home we do have sexy time but right after that it's back to null.

For a time I thought it may be my body, or my face or something that makes him not want me, Became skinnier, and I always pay attention to my appearance. Even so I tried to play the hooker and everything else. I know he loves me, I can feel it but but we only have s*x maybe once in two-three weeks, even when he is home. He outright rejected me two times, when I ask why he says he is tired.

Sorry for the long thing but I wanna know what guys think about this.

(sorry for my English and thanks in advance)


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  • im not a guy but when my guy was lacking in the intimacy dept I too thought it was me,but I found out later on he was into p*rn and other shady stuff...dont settle and don't try so hard,theres nothing you can do to make someone be into you the same way,it happens naturally or it won't work.

    • Thanks, but I really love him a lot, I mean it's been two years and I still love him, Everyone tells me this too :I I duno about p*rn :)

    • hang in there then

  • He's probably lost interest in you and found it in another woman

    Start distancing yourself from him and planning your exit. If you live together you might have to work extra hours to save up money, etc

    Just focus on yourself, you're number one, he should not be a priority anymore.


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