What can I do to make my girlfriend not fear?

So this story actually takes time far back. My current girlfriend and I have been dating for 8 months. She and I are very happy, she loves me and I love her. With that being said, about 4 years ago, her and I had a "thing" for each other where we liked each other and stuff, but her parents were reluctant to even let her go out, not just with me, with anybody. She was 15 and I was 17. So her parents found out I was talking to her and completely and right off the bat told her she was not even allowed to talk to me. So as time went by I met another girl, and we started dating. I then told my now girlfriend that we could just be friends, and that we both knew this wasn't going to happen especially with her parents thinking she was too young. She said she heard from her friends that I had a girlfriend already and that I was using her, when that wasn't the case. She blew me off since probably a week after saw each other maybe twice around church.

Time went by and I lasted with my ex about 2 years and she lasted with her ex for about 2 as well. A year from those 2 things, we started talking again, and the spark lit up again, and now were dating. This morning though, I get a text saying that she's worried and in fear over the past 8 months (because today was our month anniversary) that I will leave her and she's in fear. She also mentioned that her friend said if we were dating for a year and I didn’t marry her that she should leave me, and I'm guessing that it crossed her mind because she's scared that our relationship will get boring. I have had this happen with my ex and I know that just a little doubt, it doesn’t worry me, but what is worrying is that she's started listening to her friends more and she's in fear. I really don’t want to loose her, but she says she's scared I will do the same to her again (again, we weren’t dating, just talking over myspace, and just seeing each other around church). This time around, I realized my mistake and have tried 100% to this relationship, and I thought she was over it at least some, since she never actually showed it or said it before. I just want to know what I should do. I actually think that even before me she had a little issue with her dad since he was a bus driver, actually spending time away and coming back on some days, and noticed she's got trust issues not just with me, but others.

Thank You


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  • Reassure her every time an insecurity comes up with her.

    Spend time with her. Let her know that you'll support her no matter what she's undertaking.


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