Is it hardest to watch a good girl do stupid things, when you know she is much better than that?

There is this girl at my work who I would honestly marry. When we started working together, we all thought she was experienced. She has a foul mouth and a great sense of humor. She is nice to everyone, unlike a lot of girls who only are nice if they get some benefit out of it. One day at work we were guessing everyones number, we all guessed around four for her, but she said it was zero which I really respect of a good looking girl.

This year I've watched her make mistake after mistake. Just drinking too much, one night she got too f***ed up and ended up doing coke in the bathroom with some guy. She called me crying the next day, saying she regretted it and felt like sh*t about herself. She hasn't done anything that extreme since but she started seeing our coworker who has been with 16 girls. He hurt her really bad and now she's been looking for guys who don't deserve her.

I think this guy made her loose confidence in herself since he was seeing someone else and her. She's been feeling really low about herself since she can't meet someone and I just want her to know that many guys would love her the way she is. She says she gets virgin insecurities and feels no guy will wait for her in her college town. What can I say to help her get her confidence back?


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  • Tell her she isn't the only one who makes these kind of mistakes. Let her know that as long as she understands what she did was a mistake and learns from it then that is what counts. Tell her that she can be whatever she wants to be and that this doesn't define who she really is. Tell her she is beautiful and worth so much. If your still in to her ask her out on a date and treat her the way she always should have been.

  • I think just being there for her. Maybe she just needs a male in her life as well? I know I can get quite needy of male attention - not in a bad way, but just having a guy friend in my life who I can hang out with etc. But just let her know how valued she is, and do this by SHOWING her, if possible :) With that being said, you can't really control what she does. People can tell you what you're doing isn't good, but you'll still go ahead and do it anyway. As hard as it is to see her do these things, sometimes you just have to let people make mistakes and learn from them, and be there for them when they need you :)


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