Why does my ex Fiance spend all his time with me


Okay its got to the stage where I really need to get some advice from people who are outside of my family or friendship circle. I am a woman in my mid 30's, no children, I have been married before and now divorced but that was in my 20's. I am a corporate professional career woman. I was with a guy from 30-35 and we were engaged and basically living together within a few months of meeting. This man and I both agreed that we were sole mates, we felt it from the moment we both met each other. We were deeply in love and had planned out our wedding and to buy a house together and have children, everything was joint. About 3 years into the relationship, he started to show some strange signs of having angry issues, but I have since looked back and think I had some as well. However I woke up one morning and for some reason I didn't feel happy, so I asked him to move out...he did. I was surprised as I thought he would take the time to sort himself out. By this time we had been togehter for 4 years. 8 weeks went by after the breakup and I was seeing him once a week for dinner or a movie, but he said he only wanted to be friends. Then Christmas came and we spent our entire two weeks off together. It is now April and we have been since January spending at least 4-5 days/nights together, in the same bed (no sex), cooking together, movies togehter, supermarket shopping together, everything that we usually would of done as a couple. Get up say good bye to each other go to work, then come home again and cook, watch tv, talk about the day etc. In short this has now been going on for 5 months. But he still says we are only friends, why would two ex partners spend all this time together but not be together? Yet we are not seeing eihter people. It seems weird. Its like we are back to being together but he goes home for 1-2 days a week...advice?


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  • He's slowly treading his way towards a relationship even though he expressly says it's just for friendship.

    • Thats the thing tho...it seems a very odd way to do things! Especially after so long being together.

    • but you said no sex,so it does sound like a hang out buddy

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