Mixed signals..? I'm not sure what to think.

ohkay, so me and my ex ever since we broke up have been on this roller coaster.. were always on and off. I went to him, then he came to me, and now I went to him again wanting to work things out again..

i went over to his house last week and we talked about things and he said that if we got back together that it would be at least a month, and if it doesn't work out then we will be 'close friends'

we ended up having sex too the same night after that conversation.. the next day I didn't text him cause I'm tired of being the only person making the effort to get us back together it seems, yet he got mad that I didn't text him. so I did and then he quit replying.. I tried texting him yesterday and he never replied. I'm just so confused, doesn't seem like he's interested at all anymore yet he's posting tweets that say 'f*ck you too' and things like that; he's really playing with my head.



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  • He's really playing with you.

    It seems that he's just up for sex with you.

    • thats what I figured.. : /

      thank you.

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  • He's being immature. I would just stop talking to him.

  • I agree with the first reply. Do you really want to be with someone so immature? He got mad at you for not texting him? Why couldn't he have just texted you, been a man? And its even more immature for him to publicly put your business online, really. I would avoid the drama by trying to move on. You deserve someone better. He's wasting your time.


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