I don't know what to do she drives me nuts

so basically my mom is a single mother, my brother is in med school in another country and she has to provide school money and rent and all for him,

i took a gap year and work hard, my mom takes up things in my name so I have to pay for it, cause she can't afford all the sh*t, like gets a car on my name but doesn't pay for it so I am stuck dealing with it, so all my money goes to paying bills .. I'm planning to go to college this spring so I have to pay all my debts and on top of all this she wants me to do all her paper work and her bills, do I look like a assistant f*** nooo

today she calls me yelling and saying oh you don't care you don't do sh*t, you don't pay rent or food money, maybe you should move out and live alone so you can see how hard it is...

Well I doooo want to move out, I applied for student dorm room and I so wanna move,

what should I do?


basically my brother and I are a year apart, and he is in med school, I took a gap year, and ever since we were kids she has been so mean to me, yes hitting me a lot as a child, and honestly never him, I remember he would lie and blame things at me and she would hit me really hard, once made me sleep on the bathroom floor, and took me to my bed later , she was a young mother and now she says she didn't know better, and my dad wasn't in the picture, growing up I was afraid of her, until I managed to stand up for myself, and she doesn't hit me now , I'm 21 but there are times she might..


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  • You have to stop her from buying things in your name. She can ruin you if that keeps up. Then just move out as soon as you can. If you don't get a dorm room, then find a roommate and stay with them.

    Continue to keep in eye on your credit report to make sure she doesn't start getting things in your name. Have you tried using goggle to find a way to change or protect your personal information, so that she can't buy anything using your credit anymore? Find out what victims of identity theft do, after someone else already has their information.

    • Not to mention taking the car that's in her name since it is hers.

    • If she can not make payments on the car, then she might not be able to. It might be better to sell it. If worse came to worse, she could call the police, and try to get her name taken off that way, but I don't think she wants it to go that far. If she can afford the payments and wants it, then she would be well within her rights to take the car with her. The important thing is to make sure that her mom doesn't destroy her credit, or place any more debt on her.

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  • i don't think she hates you, it sounds like she just isn't very good at mothering (no offense to her).

    Mother's (heck parents but for the sake of this subject I'll say mothers) can often times favor a person. Psychologically many people (freudians) say that mothers are jealous of their daughters and cherish their sons. They see daughters as a threat to their territory and sons as a sort of heir to the throne.

    Often times parents can also treat children differently based on when they are born. my mother was incredibly hard on my older sister, hard on me, and ridiculously easy with my brother.

    so whatever the factors are I don't think your mother hates you, but I think she is pretty rotten at showing you that she loves you. Maybe she subconsciously feels threatened by you and thus feels like she needs to artificially hold you back, maybe she has some subconscious aversion towards women, but I really don't think she hates you.

  • You'll pay rent when you clear all the debt she opened in your name.

  • You should just move out and clear your credit.


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  • Wow your mom is catering to your brother, but treating you like a sh*tty stepchild.

    There's not much you can do but deal with the situation until you do move out.

    That or get the police involved

  • Move out.


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