Please help. Dealing with post break up


I broke up like almost 6 months ago and I finally gave up trying to get him back only about a month and a half ago. I gave him all his stuff back I blocked him from my life and I was feeling good I thought I was doing fine. And then my ex would call me randomly he attempted to contact me 3 times and I responded only once. The last time he contacted me was 11 days ago. And after day 6 I have been obsessing wondering why he didn't call back. Its like I was ignoring hoping he will realize he has lost me and will now try and get back. I thought that's how he would feel but I guess I was wrong. I know I am being ridiculous and really stupid. I myself never knew I had this side to myself.

Whats worse is now I feel like I am going back. All the progress I made I am erasing it by thinking bout him all the time. I don't wake up in mornings. I continue to sleep because in my dreams I see all I want to , so I avoid waking up , I don't like the reality. And then when I have no choice but wake up I am in a terrible mood. I hate this. I am moody all day. I keep thinking bout him. And I hate that he is not at all affected. Please help . Is this normal?
I know its really shallow of me to thing this. But is he even affected by this at all? Does he even care anymore? How come he moved on so fast?


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  • Typically during a break up it's not easy for either person despite what they may show or what you may think they feel like. Everyone loses and hurts in a break up. My ex broke up with me a month ago. I tried to get her back but she wouldn't budge. I was depressed/ super sad she was gone and I kept thinking she was fine and almost happy to be done with me. But I saw her at work 2 weeks after and she looked SUPER depressed, all broken out, dark circles around her eyes and super pale. Him calling you 3 times means he was probably upset/ felt lonely which means he's not over you completely. But I wouldn't allow him back in your life.


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  • Block his number. then he can't call and stir up the old feelings.

  • It's really normal.

    You still have feelings for him, and you're still moving on.


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  • Okay here's the deal, if he didn't treat you right don't take him back. he's calling you because he thinks he's going to get you back easily. Don't take him back. If he treated you like crap he's going to do it again. I don't take my exes back for a reason. Don't waste you time on him move on find a great guy who loves you for you, treats you like a princess, values your opinion and thinks your perfect. if he didn't call you back or text you he's not worth your time.


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