Should I reach out to him or wait for him to contact me?

So I think me & my boyfriend is breaking up. I went to his games & a group of girls were at both games and like he's all in their face being friendly. My boyfriend brother hints to me one of the girls is my boyfriend ex but won't tell me which one so whatever. I start getting mad like why the heck you over by them and I'm right here. Like he totally walked straight past me to go to the girls. I just felt disrespected. I was so pissed. & check this out, we were walking a couple feet behind the group holding hands.. when one of the girls look back(guessing his ex) he immediately let my hand go. smh But yeah when I'm mad at him I ignore him and act weird towards him I know he doesn't like that. So He's taking me home, he gets out the car as I'm getting out to talk to me about how I been acting& why I been acting like that. I just don't give him an answer or I'm responding 1word answers like that. So he gets mad & is like don't worry bout texting me when you get inside. I think he said "or ever" after that. But am I wrong for not telling him how I felt ? Should I not talk to him & wait for him to communicate first? Should I dump him because acts like he still likes his ex..?


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  • You're wrong for not telling him.

    You should always be frank and honest to yourself and to him.

    Now, wait for him to contact you.


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  • You should have told him what you were upset about. I think its messed up that he let go of your hand because she turned back. That alone would get him dumped if it was me.

    • Wait until he contacts you.

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