How to get your Ex boyfriend back?

So me and my boyfriend have been broke up for a couple weeks. He talked about just taking a break for a bit because we were having a rough spot and he thought he could maybe figure some things out in our break. I agreed to it. The next day at work he was so nice to me.(maybe he regreted what he did?) I didn't give him a response hardly at all tho. I was so heart broken that he even wanted a break. Then the next time we worked together he ignored me completely and he still does two weeks later. I think one of the reasons he ignores me might have been because I never gave him hardly a response when he did nice things for me at work the time before ... Which I feel bad about..btw. and maybe he's just afraid of getting shut down again. But I did say thankyou! (also were co-workers)But now He makes conversation with people two feet from me. We both try to avoid each other at any cost. He doesn't even look at me. Is it because maybe he's just over me? I have been doing the same. But it just really hurts and I want us to get back together. I'm afraid of being shut down if I'm too forward. How do I know if he's still interested or if he is just over it? He has been flirting with other girls from what I hear almost emidietly after the break up. So I eventualy have done the same thing and act all happy. But it hurts and I really just want to be with him. You think he's just trying to make me jealous so he acts like he's okay? Maybe this was just a big mis uderstanding and he wants to get back but is afraid of my rejection. What can I do to find out if he still wants me but is just afraid of being rejected?


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  • He's really trying hard to move on.

    You just have to find a new guy.


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