It's all about a letter I sent to my ex 2 months ago.


Well , I broke up with my one year boyfriend one month ago because of some issues we had. After one month of no contact we talked yesterday, I talked to him so I can wish him a happy birthday ( I couldn't ignore him in that special day) He told me that hi missed me , and said that I did too. Anyway , I discovered yesterday again that he talked to my best friend ,who is his best friend also, about wanting me back and still loving me.

Today , he talked to me and it was great , we connected again. And then he said that he FINALLY received the red letter I sent him for Valentine's day and he didn't open it yet and was waiting to read it in the evening.

Well .. In this letter , I wasn't disrespectful at all .. But I was so hurt that I told him that I wanted him to change and make efforts .. and was talking about all our problems and issues. I also wrote a beautiful poem for him.. Hopefully he'll like it.

You must be wondering what the problem is. I was wondering myself if reading about all those problems and all the issues we had in the past would change his mind and make him reject me ? or would open his eyes about how awful he treated me and make him want to change for the sake of our relationship ?

Thanks for reading .
he said he loved my letter . THANK YOU GUYS !


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  • Sounds good to me, I believe people generally don't change, but at least you gave it a shot and won't regret not doing so at a later date. And really if he really wants to try make it work then he will make adjustments accordingly. Hope it goes well!

    • the letter was sent when we were still dating. Do you think it will affect him positively or negatively ?

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    • The problemscan easily be fixed. I just needed his attention. He made me feel worthless for such a long time.. And I couldn't stand the situation anymore.

    • Hmmmm sounds like your out of the honeymoon phase, don't know the details but mayb you should expect the worst so it doesn't come as a shock. Depending on certain upbringing people grow up a certain way, adults rarely can change their behaviors once they've grown up. I'm not talking about the facade everyone puts up during dating, I'm talking about the real person behind the mask. Sooner or later it's going to come back. Give it a shot but don't expect much.

Valentines Day

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  • I wish my ex would put as much effort into it by writing a letter.

    • The letter was writing back when we were still dating ... he just received it.

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  • Good luck to you. I hope you guys get back.

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