Could you possible smile when you say "I don't like you anymore"? [For Guys]

Today I waited my ex boyfriend after class...we have been in NC for one month...

He seemed very happy to see me, but with shy and awkward faces and unnatural movements.We sat tgt for revision and homework for a while.

When he left, I started to lose control and chased after him. (I forgot not to action that soon and push him!)

And when he finally leave (coz he was meeting his guy friend for dinner), he was still looking shy and awkward and smiled etc... and told me don't be like that etc...and said I don't like you anymore

Could you mean it when you are over your ex girlfriend but smiled in an awkward way?! Because I imagine you should be annoyed and look fierce instead if you want to mean this.


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  • No, likely he's under pressure from family or another possible girl friend, or he wouldn't be telling you this in such a strange way.

    Yu're right, he wouldn't be smiling awkwardly if he REALLY didn;'t like you! He'd be cold and brusque with you.

    • thanks for replying again :') glad that he didn't send me any texts tonight for asking me leave him alone..

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    • Either give up, or fight with him about it, ask him for specifics..i still think he is not telling you something about why he is so contradictory about you.

    • thanks for caring. it was a dramatic night ysd. I am giving up now. I guess I have reached my maximum now. really thanks a lot of coming back..

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  • His problem is that he enjoys your attention but he doesn't want a committed relationship with you. As long as you don't expect more than conversation he'll talk to you but when you try to warm things up, he's throwing cold water on you. Either move him to the friend zone or get used to having your nose tweaked with little comments like that.

    Spend your time on guys that treat you like they enjoy your company, don't be anyone's backup plan. You are young and probably pretty, take advantage of that and go date a bunch of young men. I bet you won't be waiting on your ex Boyfriend much more after you do that.

    • we had a very heartbrokening breaking up and he realized his pain of losing me last year, and now it is my turn...I really want to work this out...Could you help me with some ideas?

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    • so after 6 months, if he has tasted other girls and feel I am the one he will be back, if not, I should move on, do you mean this? :( In fact, I am his first gf...

    • What I mean is say hello to him after about 6 months. If he starts treating you like a serious GF, exclusive dating, introducing you to people, talking about where you two should live after graduation, then he's probably yours. If not then he is lost to you and you should move on.

  • The guy's smile means that he really really really means it ... guys with those kind of attitude are usually dominant and usually very hard to persuade once their minds are made up

    • he feels nervous to c me as if in first love

  • It seems that he has already moved on, and the smile is meant as to not the moment serious or awkward.

  • Yes, I could smile when saying that. And mean it.

    There's no rule that says you have to express on your face the emotion that the words on their own would imply.

    • seriously? even to your long term relationship ex gf?

    • Hell yeah.

      We all have the capacity to deceive.

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  • Yes I could smile and say that. I haven't to a guy, but I have to a woman. I smile with a comment like that, in my opinion, would have an underlying message. What you hear is, "I don't like you anymore". What the smile says is, you can't hurt me anymore because I don't care about you.

    • are you serious?! say even to your 4 years ex bf?!

    • The chick that I smiled at and told her I didn't like her, definitely deserved it. A guy would really have to work me over for me to get to that point. I'm an extremely kind and loyal person and you're in for it if you hurt anyone I care for. This chick is my brothers girl, and she's a manipulative worthless piece of sh*t. A guy would REALLY have to mess up, for me to feel that kind of animosity toward him. But, a lot of people are more easily swayed and don't care about hurting others.

    • your case you hate her, but obviously my ex boyfriend is still very happy to see me and I feel the sparks, I feel he wanna get rid of me following him at that time only

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