1 month together gifts for her?

I want to buy her something... I also want to create an afternoon for her , we are both 1st grade of high school...

I want something not too expensive...

Is bying her a teddy bear and a poem ok?

What did you do for your girlfriend one month?

or what did your boyfriend do ?

What should I do... :/ ?

I am going to ask my gf's best friend what she likes, so I can get this for her (and ofcourse she is gonna tell my girlfriend about this so she will be expecting something.)

We can get to the forrest,zoo, lasertag, funpark (but we've already been there) for a movie (but I would like to be only me and her so... funpark laser tag and for a movie too hard to happen...)

We can also skip school at this day if she can (I do ) and do some of these things..

I would like us to , 8.30 (go to the centre of city's square)

9.00 Walk by the sea till the ships-coffee

9.30 drinking cf while the ship is making a short travel :)

10.30 go back to city's square to eat something

11-11.30 stay in front of the sea , talking , making out

11.3-13.00 go to the forrest-zoo , hangout while eating ice cream :)

13:00-14:00 go back , while I am giving her , the teddybear with a heart and a love note (I do not know what to write :/ )

and after that I am gonna tell my mom to make something like cake with the shape of heart and call her at my place to eat it together :)

Do you think it's nice? Please correct some of my mistakes because I must have done some... do you find this ok? or would you preffer something more?

What did you do with your girlfriend/boyfriend at this special day?

Please I need answers :) THANK YOU VERY VERYYY MUCH ! :-D


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  • No dude, just don't. You'll see why soon.

    • Mother of god : se broke up with me! what are you? a medium ? sorcerer? mage? wtf? xD?

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  • It's really sweet but it's too sweet. Honey, it's just a month you're dating, not half a year or a year. Make it something small, like a rose with a little note saying how much she lights up your day or something. I wouldn't ask her to skip school though.

    Or you could organize a picknick, buy some bubbles and take all stuff she likes, that would be really sweet as well.

    • Thanks... can you tell me also , what did you do with your boyfriend that day? :) Thank you!

    • I don't really celebrate that, just made sure we met up that day and let him know how happy I was with the anniversary.

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