I've been with my boyfriend for about 3 years now living together for one year by the end of this April.

First year was crazy! I was coming out of a crazy relationship at the same time I was beginning to date the guy I'm with now. So, once I decided to cut the other guy out for the one I'm with now things began to bitter away. First 3 months in to the relationship were amazing seemed like we were head over heels for each other up until I started to question some of his actions one of those deals where it seemed to good to be true. Then the arguing and fighting began we were always on and off seemed like every month we were breaking up! I had a gut feeling he was talking/seeing girls behind my back because of my doubting feelings he decided to give me his usernames and passwords to all his accounts that means Facebook guys. At the time what he didn't realize was that when he deleted his messages they will jump right in to the archive folder. So, I caught him cheating on me! I found out 3 months after he committed the act, I can tell it was a one time deal. I tried to forgive him but couldn't get past it so we ended breaking up 4 months after. It was hard to let this guy go so I tried my best at blocking him out of my life changed my phone number, deleted everybody that talked to him out of my life, blocked him from my Facebook everything. So, about a month or so he got in touch w/me through my yahoo account! I couldn't believe it. He said he missed & will always loved me so I ans. by dissing him off so he send me another message letting me know how bad he missed me we reconnected and slowly started seeing each other again before we made it official again. Now this last year living with him has been turnmoil it got worst when we moved in with each other because when we fought he would leave. We have a year left and I don't know wether to try to make it or let it go he says he's going to change not leave every time things got hot but it's a 50/50 chance. What should I do?


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  • get rid he sounds nothing but trouble feelings are hard to just forget yes but are you willing to stay with him because you like/love him to just continue getting hurt, all he's doing is whispering sweet nothings into your ear because he obviously knows exactly what you want to hear lay down your ground rules and see if he commits if not then he will never change and its time to say goodbye. listening to other peoples advice is hard but try putting yourself in an outsiders shoes and think about what you would say to someone in your situation, would your advice be the same as mine? then act on it and do what you thinks best.


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  • He's not worth it. Leave him.


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