Break it off or give it a chance?

When it’s just the two of us, we are literally so happy. Yeah it’s only been together a very short time but we’ve spent like every day together and I sometimes feel this is me being clingy but he pouts and cuddles when I say I have to go.

Unfortunately I’m not exactly the kind of girl he normally hangs about with - I’m sorry I don’t drink pints or wine every day, I’m sorry I’m getting a cough from so much passive smoking and I’m sorry I’m not this cool girl that looks good all the time.

I’m just so scared of all the things you’ll tell your girl best friend about me and how much she’ll spill when she’s drunk. I’m so happy with you, we were even going to go on our first date tomorrow but I’m 90% sure I’ll use the “sorry uni work” excuse to get out of it because we need to slow down.

I am so comfortable with you one-on-one but you don’t seem to understand my total lack of social skills as you leave me in a pub of old men and your best girl friend. I really think I could get on with her but when it’s the three of us, you two are like twins with your inside jokes and I just broke up with a twin last month!

He has told me that he’s very unlikely to live past 40, even 35 because of all the meds he’s on. He’s 22 at the moment. People will think I’m crazy but that’s a pretty serious thing to tell a girl. Yes, I’m only 20 and this guy may not even be a big thing in my life. However that scares me that a potential partner will be lucky to live 13-18 more years. He also let slip that he would only adopt which I think is great because he doesn’t want them to have the risk of epilepsy but also upsetting because I would love children of my own and not when I’m 35 or older. I’ve fallen for him and we’re pretty damn cool together but I don’t know if I could deal with all that. I can’t decide whether to break it off before anything starts or give it a chance.


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  • Dear Anonymous Girl,

    I strongly advise you to think rationally. I know it is difficult because you've stated that you've "fallen" for him. Look at the future and step outside of the box. Consider what your life would become with a guy who claims to be "unlikely to live past 40" due to his lifestyle? It would be wise to break it off before anything gets worse, before your emotions have completely taken over. Let your wisdom and gut feeling guide you. My intuition is that he is not looking for a serious relationship and you sound like you are ready to explore one.

    Wish you the best,



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  • It's just a dating relationship, not a marriage. Enjoy it while it's fun.


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  • I don't think I really look that far ahead when it comes to dating. If you have a good time together give it a go.


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