Losing the guy I like over his step-sister

The guy I like told me that things would never work out between us because of my opinions of his sister (she's his step sister but was adopted by his step dad so there is really NO relation there whatsoever). I have little respect for his sister because she openly admitted that she has cheated and cheats on every boyfriend that she's had (including her current one) and doesn't care. She's 27 years old and is completely spoiled to the point that she doesn't work at all because her dad (who is the guy I like's step-dad) supports her entirely with a lavish lifestyle which she is completely ungrateful for.

I expressed my views on cheating to the guy I like, because I have been cheated on and I've cheated on an ex (and to this day I feel horrible about it though he forgave me) and he asked me what I would say to a friend who cheated. I told him that I would say it's wrong, they need to tell their partner etc. He took this as somehow me calling his sister and mom a whore...how I don't know because 1. I never used the word whore and 2. I had NO idea that his mom had ever cheated on anyone.

today his sister deleted me from Facebook, so I'm assuming that he told her how I feel or that I called her a whore, which again I did NOT do. I tried to make things right with her by texting her a simple message about getting our dogs together for a playdate which I know she would love but she ignored it.

the guy I like is so incredibly close with his step sister that it's more than any controlling mother could be like, and his step-sister has complete control over him. I have no idea what is going on and now I feel like I'll never hear from the guy I like again because if his sister deleted me from Facebook and won't even respond to me via text (which was my way of reaching out to her and to make up for whatever he had said) then I'm sure she said some awful things/opinions about me to him.

is there ANYTHING at all that I can do to fix this situation? or have I lost a friend forever?


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  • You can fixed it.

    You haven't lose him as a friend, just the connection.

    • what can I do to get back the connection? is there anything at all?

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