Is he scared of hurting my feelings?

He said that he cares about me more than a friend but he's not sure we are compatible. We talk daily and we have are ally good time when we are together. We have been dating for four months and he is very attentive and great when we are together. Lately he has seem a little distant and we don't hang out much because we are both really busy. If I don't contact him he will contact me android at he even asked to take me to lunch for my birthday. In the past he complained of girls trying to trap him in a relationship.he knows that is what I want eventually. I feel like he many be holding me on the back burner, he's scared to commit, or he's lost interest but format k know how to tell me without hurting my feelings.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He's not scared of hurting your feelings.

    He's just genuinely busy.

    • So then when he says that he's not sure how compatible we are does that's an he really doesn't know?

What Girls Said 1

  • He is probably busy but I would continue finding other people to date because he's made it clear to you that he doesn't want a committed relationship.


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