If you hose an xbox 360 off, will it break?

Okay, maybe dumb question--but I bought an xbox 360 used from gamestop, played a little, and basically forgot about it. Now I look at it closely and saw a dead roach in it. I remembered, hey, this had a weird smell when I bought it. I took it apart and it was full of roaches. Horribly.

So, basically, I took it apart mostly--if I just spray the thing with a hose to try to get most of the filth out (it hasn't been turned on for a few months) and then wait a couple of days for it to thoroughly dry before connecting it to a power source, will it work again?

Oh, and never buy used consoles without checking if they're buggy... I learned that lesson. Bleh!
BTW, I decided to just hose it off, I was so grossed out, then left it in the sun to dry before putting it back together. It started up.


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  • It should be OK.

    Modern electronic parts are sealed so water won't get inside. When the circuit board is assembled they might use water to clean off the residue from the assembling process. One small company I worked for even ran them through an automatic dishwasher.

    Make sure it's completely dry because water is a conductor and can cause shorts if you turn it on. Maybe use compressed air to make sure it's dry under the parts.

    You can also clean it with alcohol.


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  • Ewww nooo D: This can't be real! No way!

    I would maybe carefully apply Lysol disinfectant spray or something... Or use a Clorox wipe or five.

    Though if it were me I would just probably throw it out. It would feel contaminated forever.

    • I am completely serious. It was one of those $150 refurbished Xbox 360's gamestop sells, and it was stuffed with little roaches. Honestly, there were at least a thirty, thirty five dead roaches in it. Buy new if you buy game consoles. :(

    • That is terrible. I'm so sorry :(

  • Who knows.Call the manufacturers.

  • Return it and ask for a replacement?

    • Can't, it's past return date. :(

    • That's true, what was that place doing selling roach-y consoles anyway? Shameful!

    • Phew, glad it worked! I'm never buying a used Xbox, thanks to you, haha. xD

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  • Just play it. The xbox 360 gets so hot the roach will be disintegrated - turned to ash and swept away by the fan.

    • No, that didn't quite work. Made quite an aroma, though.

    • My bad... ^^'

    • No, I mean, I played on it before, I didn't try it again, lol. When I played it, it made a strong smell.

  • There must still be warranty.

    Return it.

  • No, use compressed air rather than a water hose, and then wipe it down with disinfectant wet wipes, and then air dry it with the compressed air again.


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