Guys if you like a girl, why wouldn't you talk to her everyday?

Been seeing this guy for like 6 months. We aren't official yet. But over break (Christmas) we had a month off and he would text me everyday to see how I was, stuff like that. That he missed me.

Now that we have been back at school after a few more breaks, he doesn't text every single day like he did He texts about every 3-5 days. Why does he do that.

Also, 2x when he was drunk he said he wanted a relationship with me. Should I believe him.

Another time he was completely sober and he brought it up.

Im not sure whether to believe him or not because before he told me we were friends with benefits when I asked and I was crushed.


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  • Not really... It won't be so special anymore. It can get boring. But the real reason why most guys wouldn't talk to a girl he likes everyday is because they know the girls WILL get bored if guys go talk to them everyday. It's one of the only ways to make sure the girl won't be bored anymore.

    But for me, there will be times where I wish I see her and get to talk to her everyday. But those times don't happen often at all. Most of the times, I don't care if I get to talk to her everyday or not. In some ways, I would prefer not to. It won't be fun if I really do talk to a girl I like everyday.


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  • It sounds like you're both putting up walls avoiding what you could both potentially want while waiting for the other to make a move. What happened when he was talking about a relationship? Did you avoid it? If so it is going to cause him to move on and you're going to be on the backburner.

  • I like my space. Just like an amount of silence is good too in a relationship.

    It seems you are in limbo at the moment and you should probably break that. Either tell him you want a relationship or confront him about not texting but it doesn't seem like you're getting where you wish to be.

    Another thought would be that you and the guy are out of the new love stage and therefore it isn't as exciting anymore... Just a thought.

    Good luck to you.

  • Sounds like you need to just move on. He already crushed you saying you were only FB's. There are plenty of other dbags you can date later in your life.

    As for not texting, he probably doesn't care to because you guys are just FB's lol.

    Me personally, I like a girl who is independent to a degree. And I wouldn't text her because I'd want her to not be weening on me.

  • In my case, I like my own space... Then again maybe that's why I rather be single for the time being? Go figure

  • because I'm an idiot.

    when you have social anxiety and a lot of psychological problems it makes you do dumb things like over analysing and assuming too much.

    as soon as you over think, your actions unconsciously makes you want to avoid the girl you like.

    then as soon as you see some kind of signal, you panic and become curious questioning yourself whether to ignore the signal or approach her.

    most likely not to seem desperate you ignore her.

    then when you approach her, you realize you have the guts to talk to her she then says "i have a boyfriend" or "we'll see"

    then you feel kind of dumb for even trying, then you decide to just do nothing because your always use to rejection and you say what's the point.

    who the heck is going to date a social anxious, reserve, nice, black guy who isn't even rich.

    then you give up and stop caring.

    (true story)

  • I don't want to be needy and desperate

  • I agree with the other guy. It's not necessary to talk to someone everyday. Might start becoming a chore if he felt like he had to, especially if you are one of those girls that refuses to initiate conversations.

    It could also be that he doesn't want to be seen as clingy where contacting you all of the time might make it appear that way.

    Now, when you say you are back in school, are you seeing him during this time? Or are we just talking about having a conversation via text.

    • I have seen him sometimes but not as often as we used too. As we have had a couple arguments about me feeling used. And I didn't like it. And then one night he said he was sick of treating me like crap. And that's where the question comes from

  • "if you like a girl, why wouldn't you talk to her everyday?"

    Speaking as a guy... I don't see the need.

    I like many of my friends.. I like all of my family... I don't feel the need to talk to them every day either.

    If I like a girl, and we've been dating for a while, I don't see the need to talk to her every day either.

    When I build a relationship or friendship with someone, I build it with good foundations (that can take a few weeks) but then it should not require constant maintenance from me.

    It should be able to stand on its own for 24 hours or 48 hours, or if I've done a good job even longer.


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  • He might be busy with school stuff. I would believe him if he's already asked like three times. I mean cmon, how many times are you going to make him ask you just because he rejected you once before. Maybe the circumstances weren't right that time but he feels differently now.


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