Forever and ever, seriously or are you kidding me?

The other day I went to the shrink to talk about some issues which have affected me somehow. Among them there was a break-up I went through some time ago. After advising me to carry on, he said that the "scar" provoked by the break-up and the rejection will live FOREVER in me somehow. I always get stories about people moving on, finding new significant others and forgetting about the people they left behind (specially if they have hurt you). I really appreciated my talk with the shrink but that FOREVER thing made me wonder. What do you think?


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  • Literally, a scar can be painful or sensitive, if you touch it too much, or just a tiny reminder of an injury, that stays like a mark on your body.

    Figuratively, the shrink is right about it, but it completely depends on you, whether it is the former or the latter.


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  • It's true that that you can't erase your experiences so in that sense the "scar" will always be there but that doesn't mean that it will always be painful. Scars make you stronger.


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